UR44- Mixer software Quadraphonic Feature Request

In the AUDIO/MIDI setup on Mac OS 10.13.6

I see configurations options. I chose QUADRAPHONIC (4 speakers / 2 stereo outputs) so I can output a signal to 3/4 for a second pair of speakers.
I was told that the UR44 can’t route the signal this way.
My previous soundcard from M-Audio allowed this no problem and since its a configuration option in setup I figure the sound would route through the card and output to mix #2 —3/4

I would like to make a feature request to allow for 5.1 and Quadraphonic output configurations that appear in the AUDIO/MIDI setup. Then control the volume of them from the steinberg mixer software utility.

In the meantime I will try Y splitting the Headphones jack 2 to my amp.