UR44 no audio on playback

Got my new UR44 late yesterday. Installed it with the latest software from the Steinberg site and got it up and running on my Win 8.1 desktop without a hitch.

Then I fired up Cubase 7.5. Was asked if I wanted to use the new ASIO driver for the new interface- sure! Started up a new project and verified that the hardware and VST connections were set up correctly. They were fine. Checked the box for Direct Monitoring and also the one for releasing the driver when Cubase is in the background. Fine.

Created a VST Instrument channel routed to Halion Sonic SE. Played some piano. No problem. Then tried out a mono audio channel and hooked up a mic to the first channel, making sure the corresponding input was chosen. Saw it was getting input, and after clicking the Monitor button I had direct monitoring in the headphones. Great. Started recording and made some noises, nice audio waveform captured in the channel bar. Stop and rewind. Play it back. There’s sound for about half a second, then it cuts off. Nothing. Stop, rewind and play again - nothing. Not even the half second I got the first time. Wtf?! I can see that there should be audio throughout the audio clip, the audio wave continues to the end of the recording.

I save the project, close Cubase and start it up again with the same project. Same symptom - Half a second of audio output then complete silence, no matter how I try and what I click. So I double-click the waveform in the audio channel to bring it up in the editor. Right-click and choose the monitor (loudspeaker) icon. Now I can hear the entire content my 5 second recording. It’s all there.

I’m likely missing something pretty obvious, though I think it’s pretty weird that I’m hearing half a second of audio the first time I fire up Cubase. It was getting to be pretty late towards the end there so I didn’t pursue my trials any further. But I’m going to continue trying when I get home in a couple of hours, so if there’s anyone with similar experiences or any ideas, I’d appreciate the feedback.

An observation: I installed the UR44 attached to a USB3-port. One of the things I tried, to try and fix my issue, was to switch the connection to a USB2-port. Didn’t seem to make a difference, but should I maybe try and re-install the UR44 attached to the current USB2-port instead?

I’ll post an update once I’ve tried out a couple of other things. I might try a re-installation of Cubase as well.

Did you ever get that problem solved/fixed?

Nope. It still seems to be a pretty huge, non-mentioned, error that pre-8 projects are pretty iffy when it comes to the latest incarnations of Cubase. It might have something to do with 3rd party 64-bit plugin compatibility, but this is just a raw guess on my part.

Hi, you should not use a USB3 port, that’s potentially a troublemaker. And, after you recorded your track, did you disable or uncheck the monitor button on the track?