UR44 No Audio output

Cubase 10.5.2 Keyboard Yamaha MOX F8

No Audio Output
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Studio → Audio → Input: Yamaha Steinberg USB Port: UR44 input 1
UR44 input 2
Studio → Audio → Output: Yamaha Steinberg USB Port UR 44 Mix 1 L
UR 44 Mix 1R

Studio → Midi → Windows Midi Out Steinberg 44-1 not active

dspMixFX Ur44: Message: “cannot use USB port; It is beeing used by another application”

(I have my own Hardware/Software Mixer. Do I need the dspMixFX Ur44 at all?)

Check: Speakers are on, cables to speaker connected, output 2/3

Sorry if I can not express the problem properly. (limited English)

Thank you for reading



First, I’m wondering, why do you connect Output 2/3 to the speaker? As far as I can see, you are using Mix 1L/R in Cubase.

Do you mean the sound from your Yamaha MOXF8? Can you hear a sound, if you import any audio from MediaBay?

How is your HW/SW mixer involved?

Hi Martin, thank you for your effort!
My knowlege is limited, therefore I did the connection as describes in the UR44 manual
Of course, I could connect the keyboard directly to the speaker (just one)
But this will limit the external connections. This was the reason I bought the UR44
As far as I know, mix 1L/R is refering to the Software that came with the UR44
(dspMixFX Ur44)
The external Mixer (Hardware/Software) is not used at this time.

A long way to go - but before I am reaching the age of 75 :smiley:
This problem will be fixed.
Best regards from Germany,
Stay healthy



If you want to monitor MOX F8 in Cubase, add an Audio track, set the right input (most probably Stereo In) and enable Monitor button on the track.

You are right Martin. I am sure this will work.
Perhaps I did not mention, that the problem does exist ,with the following conditions:
Keyboard connectet to the PC (USB) and UR44 (withUSB) is also connected PC ,
while Cubase ist connected with the “Rack” to another VST Instrument

I have this problem neglected at this time, because another problem came up,
which has to be solved first,



Is your MOX F8 Audio Out connected to your UR44 Input 1/2, please?