UR44 No guitar amp model available as fx on input channel


I have owned the UR44 for two weeks now and it works really well in my setup with Cubase 7.5. I have one issue, though.

In Cubase, on the mixer page, on the input channel from UR44, the only UR44 dsp effect I can select is the channel strip, nono of the guitar amp models are visible in the selection list. As I understand it I should have the guitar amp models available, right?

Outside Cubase, when I use the DspMixFx program I can select the channel strip or any of the four amp models.

I upgraded the UR44 firmware to 2.11 this morning. The DspMixFx program is V2.1.0.

Can anybody help me solve thi issue so that I can select and use the UR44 dsp amp models on the input channel in Cubase, please?


Read and understand the limitations on Pg. 34 of the manual!
If it’s going to work (i.e. not broken) the following procedure should guarantee success.

  • Have the channel in question set up as a Mono Input in VST Connections.
  • Using the Insert selector (Control 8 on Pg.16) turn off the effect for all channels (=UP).
  • On your intended channel, you should be able to select an Ampsim using the selector (Control 5 on Pg. 16).

Thank you very much for your advice which I have followed with success. It turns out that my input bus (F4) was set up as a stereo bus. When I create a mono bus the guitar amp sim effects are available on the mixer channel referring to the mono bus.

Thanx Again for teaching something which I don’t think I would have been able to figure out on my own.


Glad you got it working, happy to have helped.
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