UR44 no midisound in cubase7.5

I used to record a miditrack first by the midex8 (Steinberg 8x midi in/out))
Then I take an audio record from the miditrack.
The problem is:
When I create a miditrack there is no direct sound from the keyboards.
When I do record a miditrack (without sound) then by playing the track, it is sounding :open_mouth:

Some more info:
After starting UR44 without Cubase sound comes from both of the keyboards.
After starting the computer and Cubase7.5 there is sound on the audiotrack
Keyboards are on channel 1,2,3,4 and outports to the amplifier.
In the menu “devices” I made two stereo in busses: 1,2 and 3,4
Output bus: mix 1L, mix 1R
In the device setup I did choose the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Asio”
In the Mix console all the parameters are reacting well, but … No direct sound

On my previous soundcard I pushed a button “monitor switch” then I could play on an empty miditrack with sound.

Can you help me ? I hope so ! :wink:
Thanks a lot.

Similarly in Cubase you’ll find a small monitor button (either on the track in the Project window or on the mixer channel) which needs to be clicked on.

Is this the small switch (in the trackname field) that lightens up orange?
When I turn it on, there is no sound either … :confused:
Maybe it’s another switch or setting ???
Thanks for your help!!!

Does it work if you also press the record ready button (as well as the monitor button)?

I turned both buttons on, but still no sound.

This is the way midi is routed:

  1. Korg midi to midex8 channel 1
  2. Yamaha midi to midex8 channel 2
    midex is connected to the computer

The strange thing is that all meters (audio and midi) are reacting by playing the keyboards :open_mouth:
BUT NO SOUND! :open_mouth:

Hope you can help me with another suggestion
Tanks for thinking along

So you are not using the MIDI ports of the UR44. Do you have the correct ports setup and enabled for the Midex8 in the MIDI Port setup of the Device Setup, and this same port selected for the channel input?

I use the Midex8 succesfully for years with my previous soundcard (Roland ua-25ex).

For the new installed UR44, I checked the midiport setup and same port selected for channel input.

NOW, after one week trying suddenly all different Problems come up! :open_mouth:
I’ll start another post for this problem.