UR44 Noise in all freq. created by itself

Hi guys!
I got a UR44 and everytime I record or play a guitar through it I noticed some noises.
Tried different amps and sims, even guitars: the noise still exists.

So I did some experiments

Experiment 1 :
I put a lead channel with high distorsion in the first channel of the UR44 into the dspMixFx, loaded it into the interface and than, with only the UR44 and my Headphones into my hand, wihtout ANY other cable connected, I tried to connect the UR into my house socket and listen: the noise exists anyway. Different sockets cannot solve the problem.

SO I could say “the problem is not from a cable, is not from monitors output, neither from pickups of the guitar…” and etcetera.
The noise is created INSIDE the UR44.

So I decided to find the frequency.

Experiment 2:
Empty cubase project created, empty mono audio track created, no inserts.
Input 1/2/3/4 (tried with all of them) and monitoring on.
NO CABLE or instrument into the UR44 and gain at minimum.
Apparently the noise was not listenable.
So I turned on at +48dB the pre-gain on the audio track inside cubase and…ta-daaah: same exactly noise. I upload here the photo where you can LOOK at it.
Is in ALL frequency, not missing a spot.

Searching online I found a lot of people with this problem but no answers or solutions.
At the moment I literally cannot record a HiGain instrument without this noise because the distorsions are always amplifying the problem.

Currently I’m running the latest version of the drivers and the dspMixFx 2.2.0, Boot and Main V2.12 (latest one too)

Hoping someone can solve this problem