UR44 not connecting to Cubase Elements 12

Hi, I recently bought a new PC and Cubase Elements 12. I have a secondhand UR44 (that worked great with my last program) and every time I start Cubase Elements 12 The UR44 DspMixFx just turns off and it won’t turn back on. I uninstalled TOOLS for the UR and the USB driver and restarted computer and reinstalled them, but still the same thing happens. Can anyone help me or am I doing something wrong. Thank you. Darby

When used with newer cubase, you control the functions within cubase. Press F3 to bring up the mixer, then make sure the hardware rack is visible and you should be good to go.

The UR44 won’t turn on when Cubase is on. It just keeps saying (Cannot use USB port it is being used by another application) I have tried every port I have on the computer.

The UR44 works fine until Cubase Elements 12 is turned on.

Ok thats something else then. Could you try quitting dspmixfx before opening cubase? I really don’t know whats going on, but no harm in trying.

Hi Strummer, Thanks so much for your help mate. The information you gave me in the first place worked great, I just had to unravel it all in my head. Thanks again. Cheers, Darby

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