UR44 not fully recognised fully by my Cubase

My UR44 sound interface is not properly recognised by cubase and all related apps and portals. It is recognised by the PC, and the microphone check shows full volume. In cubase, the UB44 driver is not recognised, the UR44 control panel does not recognise it either. In cubase, the hardware is shown, and I can select the mic inputs for recording, however, the volume is ultra low. If I turn the input volume fully up on the hardware, then it shows it is peaking, and the recorded sound is distorted.

I use Cubase 6.5 and all was working fine for a while, and I do not know when it stopped working, probably after one of the updates.
I did uninstall and install all components several times, and tried various drivers, the newest and some older ones for the UR44… no improvement
Can someone help please? Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I don’t have the UR44 so I won’t be able to help you with the specifics related to that device, but it would help if you add what OS you’re using (Mac or Windows, and what version).

There’s also a knowledgebase at this link which you can search for possible answers.

Hi Hi,
thank for your answer… I use a PC with windows 10…
I read and have experimented with all info and guidance given in the link, but thanks anyway…

What should that mean?
Which portals?
Can you show the settings dialogs?