UR44 not recognized anymore

Hello everyone,

Im using a MacBook Pro and recently i upgraded to OS X Sierra, whenever i turn on UR44 it seems that the device is not recognized anymore by my computer.

Where it says Power and peak the white light keeps flashing

Is there a way to reinstall the firmware completely ?
Whenever i open UR44 firmware update i keep getting the same screen The latest firmware is already installed

Aside from reinstalling the firmware is there any other possible solutions for this problem
My interface was working fine before, the only thing that changed was the upgrade to OS X Sierra

Thanks in advanced !

Hi smokypoki, I have a similar problem. Yamaha reverb doesn´t works on Logic Pro 9 now, but was working fine before. I don´t have Sierra, but I have OS X 10.9.5. I think the problem probably is caused by updates.

Anyone knows?

I´m sorry, I have a bad english. I´m from Spain.

Thanks in advanced