UR44 Not working In Cubase.

I’ve just reformatted my computer with new MOB, 32 and an 3 core processor and it won’t work in Cubase it stutters and the seizes up and a notification pops up saying Yamaha Steinberg USB Audio has been removed even though its still on, plug it with the power button not flashing.

I’ve installed the lastest drivers and firmware. So I don’t what’s wrong with it?

EDIT: The Audio Driver could not be loaded.

Okay strange I switched the USB port and now its working properly for now. WTF was that all about?

I also have issues with USB connections on my laptop as the USB ports are ‘noisy’ transferring mousepad movements and screen updates as a digital noise to the UR44 and onto my monitor speakers. That is the fault of the Sony Vaio laptop though as I have this issue with other equipment.
I also discovered that of the 3 USB ports, only 2 are USB2 and the other is actually USB1 (yeah, I know…)
Now that I know this, I use the USB1 port for the iLock for Cubase.
Also, I’m not sure if the UR44 is hot swappable. I have had to switch it off and on again if I pull and reinsert the USB cable from my laptop.
Stevo… :smiley:

its in the documentation, don’t connect the 44 to a USB 3 port, it may be unstable. USB2 is really the only choice.

They need to sort it out, as sooner or later you wont find USB2 on newer hardware.