UR44 only two inputs on iPad

Hi everyone,

I’ve just replaced my old UR22 with a UR44. I’m planning on using it mainly with my iPad.

However, when connected to the iPad, it only shows the first two inputs in Cubasis. I already updated its firmware and that only fixed issues with the dspMixFx app. When connected to my Mac and AI 7, it also only showed two. I’ve just deleted everything (cubase, drivers, etc) and am currently downloading AI 10. I know I should be able to get more inputs on my Mac using the devices setting and editing the VST (by adding a bus). But how can I get it to work on my iPad? Videos I’ve watched all show that Cubasis automatically recognises all 6 inputs, not just two. I can monitor inputs 3-6 using dspMixFx, so they’re definitely not faulty.

Any tips? I have not found any settings in Cubasis to edit the VST… I am expecting a facepalm moment here… sorry if I’m asking the obvious!

All best,

Well, it seems that the free Cubasis comes with only 2 physical inputs. How great is that? Shipping a device that features 6 inputs but it can’t even utilise half of them with the software that came with it. I understand that some interfaces don’t come with software at all, but I’d rather have that than customers relying on advertising that indicates that one can at least record basic things with a software that is bundled with the hardware.

Not being able to utilise all six inputs, the reason why people choose this over the UR22, is utterly disappointing. It’s going to be Auria once it goes on sale on Black Friday, then.