UR44 or UR28M (DJING)

hi All

Can I use Steinberg Audio Interface UR44 or UR28M for the djing?

I’m a Ableton user as well. I need a audio interface so I can do some DJing. (CUEing)

I will be doing some recording also djing.

Thank you

thank you


Even knowing all the capabilities from this audio interface.
Would be the UR44 good enough to be on the road for djing performance with ableton Live.
I will be using it at studio for mixing/mastering but I will need it for djing as well.

Would be the output loud enough for cueing?

I’m considering buying it.


Guys & Girls.

“Steinberg UR44” or “Steinberg UR28M”?

As I mentioned before it would be necessary to be able to cue tracks for DJ performance.

Thank you All