UR44 outputs sound only in DAW when using sample rates >44.1 KHz


I’m setting up my new UR44 and I’m having an issue when using sample rates >44.1 kHz. At 44.1 kHz everything seems to work normally.

At any other sample rate, there is no sound in Windows 10. Media players won’t playback and there’s no sound in Youtube videos. The windows sound icon gives the error “No speakers or headphones are plugged in” upon restarting. Changing the sample rate back to 44.1 kHz clears the error and returns operation to normal.

However, in my DAW (Reaper) everything seems to work fine on both inputs and outputs even up to the highest sample rate (192 kHz)/lowest buffer size. The DAW also confirms that this is in fact the set sample rate.

Is this expected behavior or am I missing something? If this is expected behavior, is there any way to set it up so that the UR44 automatically uses 192 kHz in the DAW only?