UR44 reverb or latency can't be eliminated from phones mix

Hi, I’m using an UR44 on an iMac running Yosemite an Logic Pro X as a DAW. when I’m recording Voice Talent, (we’re using it to produce audio for Radio an TV shows) the voice talent hear themselves as inside of a bottle, situation not present in the monitors at the control room. What can it be happening? I have already been doing the recording process with the DAW channel in solo mode in the dspmixer but nothing seems to work. Can someone give some advice on this matter? Is very annoying for the talent to have this weird sound coming out of both headphones 1 and 2.

Greetings form Mexico.

Is this for real? Nine days since I posted this and NO ONE has answered! Way to go Steinberg Client Support! What about some attention for the topics posted in your forums?

Very annoyed and pissed off

Hi, this is a user supported forum, not an official support forum, you will see lots of folks get answers to their problems, sometimes it takes longer than you’d like. You can contact official support here:


Getting all growly wont help. Sorry I cant give you an answer as I am not a logic user, be patient, or contact Steinberg directly.

I’ll see if I can nudge someone for you.

I’m sorry, I don’t know Logic, but one thing that occurred to me is to ask if you somehow have routed the channel twice to the talent’s headphones.