UR44 // Reverb pedal for ALL inputs?

Hi. I’m hoping that there’s a solution I’m overlooking, without having to add a mixer into my chain. (please see diagram of my setup below at the imgur link).

I’m running 3 synths into a UR44, however I’d like to add a stereo Empress Reverb pedal at the end of the chain to affect ALL synths when needed, while still have individual gain controls. Is this even possible? There are various INPUT and OUTPUT lines on the back of the UR44. Would it be possible to run a stereo OUTPUT from the back - into the empress reverb pedal - then stereo back into INPUT?


In theory, you could use two of the Line outs in back of the UR (a stereo line out) to the pedal and there are still two line inputs to come back into the UR but the routing I don’t think can be accomplished in the dSP MIX app. But, I think you could set it up in Cubase. I think, at that point, it is just like an external FX routing.
Have you tried the Rev-X reverb built into the UR? It is probably inadequate compared to the empress though, just a thought…

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot. The reverb pedal should be here today. I have tried the Rev X and it is nice, but the main reason for the Empress pedal is to create some droning/delay sounds that create an almost orchestral vibe. I’ll update the post whether it works or not.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work. :frowning:

Were you able to set up a more basic external effect routing method? Say just one or two inputs with a stereo external effect? What version of Cubase are you using? It could be a limitation of the version.
Actually, I just looked… External effects routing is a Cubase Pro only feature. Are you using LE that came with the uR?