UR44 set up

Hi i am using this as a computer soundcard and want it to connect to the computer via usb and then be able to send audio to a mixing desk for radio shows and mix with the desk and send back via input 1&2.
can’t seem to get outputs 1-2 & 3-4 to send audio from computer to mixing desk. Only audio through main outputs which is the full mix or just the audio from computer if mixer not on.
Can this be done.
Regards Daryl

According to the mnaual it can be done.

Can you set this up via the control panel dspmix?. i thought you could access outputs via this, but won’t show them via settings control panel as don’t need to go through a daw.
other brands seem to have this?
Regards Daryl

@darylsoul - I’m not entirely certain I understand the routing you are seeking to achieve but if you are attempting to get 4 channels out of the UR44 (1+2, 3+4) via the Windows driver (not the ASIO driver), then to my knowledge you can’t. Windows can only direct output to channels 1+2.

It can do loopback with ASIO driver - With loopback activated the Windows audio will appear on input channels 1+2.

Loop back with my DAW is how I get computer audio into my mixes when I need it.



Hi Rob thank for the reply.
I am using the Steinberg ASIO driver. With no sound card turned on computer.
Computer audio is working to main output on UR44 but don’t want it there but from outputs 1-2,3-4 if possible to send to a mixing desk and then back to UR44 via inputs 1-2 to record/broadcast to send to streaming server.
Have loopback turned on on UR44, but not seen it in cubase version is AI 10. which i have.
For internet radio streaming they recommend a usb interface with at least 4 audio outputs to do this from the radio software to play music & stream?
Cheers Daryl