UR44 stable on Mac??

I am about to buy the UR44 for my mac that runs the latest OS installed a week ago. (v10.13?)
I will be running Cubase 9.5 and maybe also Logic.

Is UR44 stable on mac now? I see so many forum threads about problems of different kinds.

Can’t say for the UR44, but I have the UR 242 and have had to stop using it because of occasional glitches in recordings. I used it for simple 2 channel stereo recordings on location and maybe once or twice in a half-day recording there would be a small glitch or spike in the recording. I tried the latest drivers, no cure. This is with a fairly old MBP (2009) running Yosemite, but the same computer running Cubase and many channels recording with a RME Fireface is faultless. I now have an Audient 14 which is great.

It runs flawlessly on recent Macs.

Hi. I would be careful about previous statement. I bought the UR44 yesterday, and the installation on my iMAC (iMac 27, Intel 3,8 GHz Quad Core, 40GB RAM, late 2017, High Siera latest release) went partially until the third attempt. I downloaded the latest version of the software (TOOLS for UR44 V2.1.3 for Mac, Yamaha USB driver is inluded). After the installation and restart the system did not recognize the UR44 card. I had to download last Yamaha USB driver (1.9.10-2) separately, reinstall and restart …and play with CC mode switch on UR44. Now, UR44 is working under OS but can not be used with Cubase (Pro 9.5). After the Cubase starts and loads all components a message appears that new audio interface UR44 was detected but the USB card imediatelly losts (even from system settings), so it is possible to continue loading porocedure with the standard Asio driver only.
I am going to continue today evening … hoping to solve this issue.

I keep having similar issues. Mac OS Big Sur, Intel, clean install. UR44 works occasionally but most of the time it is not recognized by the system.