UR44 Stereo + Subwoofer routing ?

Hi Everyone,

I would like to set up the following functionality within windows for all sounds coming out of my PC using the UR44 Driver in windows control panel

Main Studio Monitors: LR mix out of main (done)
Sub : LR mix mirrored our of outputs 3/4 and with some gain control to adjust subwoofer volume in the control rool

I haven’t been able to do this inside windows or inside Cubase 9.5. I was hoping this would be a simple task - previously all my M-Audio cards had a pretty intuitive way to accomplish this, but I can’t do it thus far with my UR44.

Hi everyone,

I don’t have a solution for discreet (and volume controlled SUB out) when using the UR44 in Windows!

But, I have found one way to accomplish this while using Cubase 9.5 - not the most elegant solution but at least it works.

Enable Control Room
Create A Cue, rename it SUB - route it to UR44 Mix 2 L/R
Create a Stereo monitor - Route it to UR44 Mix 1 L/R

On the master fader (STEREO OUT) find in Cue Sends and send a little bit (-19db) to CUE 1 (remember this goes to Outputs 3/4 > to my SUB)

Now use control room for monitoring playback and SUB cue has an on/off

Works pretty well for my purposes.

I have the Mackie HR-824 monitors for LR
Behringer TRUTH B2029A - Dual 8" Active Studio Companion Subwoofer