UR44 - Suitable for me?


Hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

I’ve found lots of information on the hardware capabilities of the UR44 but it is extremely hard to find information about how it functions in Windows, especially outside of Cubase, which I do not intend on using. I’d just like to describe my use case and would really appreciate it if someone from Steinberg or someone knowledgeable about the device could answer whether it would fit my needs or not. My primary use would be with OBS, streaming to Twitch.

My current setup
Inputs to USB Stereo mixer:

  • Microphone
  • 2nd PC
  • Game consoles
  • Music


  • Mic channel -> Mono FX Send (post fader) -> Line In on my sound card (Xonar Essence ST)
  • Main mix -> PC over USB


  • Sound card Line in (my mic) -> Adobe Audition -> monitoring over Virtual Audio Cable -> OBS

I need my mic on a separate channel for effects through Adobe Audition. Currently I’m routing this through the FX Send on the mixer and into my sound card’s line in as a workaround. This works, but because the FX send is post fader, the mic is still in my main mix which makes the main mix unusable for recording. I’m only using the main mix for monitoring all sources.

I would also like to eliminate Virtual Audio Cable from the setup. It eventually drifts and begins underflowing and stuttering and I need to restart the Audition stream to fix this. I don’t fully understand the loopback feature on the UR44 but thought it might solve this. If not, I am sure I can simply route my Audition output to one of the line outs on the UR44 and route that back into a line in with physical cables.

I’m not sure how the I/O on the device is exposed to Windows. I am sure all channels are accessible over ASIO, but are they accessible to programs as individual audio devices where ASIO is not supported? I am not actually sure if OBS currently supports ASIO or not. If the interface does not expose all channels in Windows, does it at least expose a stereo mix down? If I can handle all the channel routing into a single stereo output for Windows to use, this may be sufficient. If this is not possible, then I may need to continue to use Virtual Audio Cable to route my mix into OBS which is unreliable and introduces latency.

Thank you in advance to anyone taking the time to read or reply. It is greatly appreciated.