UR44 Switch Off "Directt Monitoring" without using a DAW


I have a question - how can i switch off “Direct Monitoring” at the UR44?
I want to use Sonarworks to measure my room so i need to switch it off without a DAW.

Can you please help?

Thanks a lot, best


If it is the same than with UR242 (and I believe it is), one mean (at least) is to launch dspMixFix, and set the sliders at the bottom left of the windows (labeled ANLG 1 to 4 in my case) to zero.
I tried this with Audacity : recording was fine and I had no direct monitoring.
Hope that helps.

A quicker way could be to click on the M near the slider …

Or just solo the daw channel :grinning:

Thank you fredjm31. That fixed the same problem for me when i bottomed out the sliders for input channels 1 to 4 and I was able to finish measure my speaker/room profile with sonarworks.
And I think it fixes a similar problem I have when using Reaper daw, where i can’t stop the input monitoring from occurring during recording, even when i switch it off in reaper.
From what i can see all 3 methods seem to work.