UR44 Thank You

I want to thank Steinberg for keeping the UR44 working with all the new Mac updates. I will go to the C at some point but it’s great. to see such long term support for your products.


I also want to express my gratefulness to Steinberg, and particularly Yamaha, for it’s continual support of the UR44. Being a new hobbyist, and finding one second-hand, I was blown away by it’s quality, clarity, and low noise floor. It was missing some knobs, and I was able to get right to Yamaha’s parts, and they told me which ones I needed. I ordered them, and had them in days. As a hobbyist, I’m not considering an upgrade to the C at anytime in the near future, which may be disappointing to the management, but, for one thing, I have switched to Cubase because of it. Further, all my Yamaha products - surround sound speakers, DD-75, acoustic and bass guitar to name a few, are solid. You can bet the first thing I look for when shopping are Yamaha family products. Solid products create brand confidence and loyalty. I might not buy another interface or bass guitar, but I’ll buy an electric guitar, generator and more soon from the Yamaha family, because of it’s quality and support…