ur44 vs ur22

I’m considering purchasing the ur22. I record tracks on ipad, then mix on cubase 7. Mainly using condensor mics for acoustic guitar and vocals. Also use keyboard controller. I don’t need more than 2 channels or FX. So is there any advantage to using the new UR44.

The UR22 is not class compliant and will (AFAIK) not work with the iPad

Thanks David.

They might fix that in a future update like the two other URs, but the solution has allways been to use a button to toggle class compliant mode, this is also the case with the 44 as that has a dedicated switch, but i can’t imagine there’s a button on the 22 that suits the purpose

There is also no pad switch on the 44 is there?
THE main reason I got a Ur28m from a cI2+ is because of the pad switch. My guitar has very hot pickups.

So it just seems a weird fit in the family.
Couple of steps forward, couple of steps back.

According to the comparison chart pdf neither does the 22. But i have no idea what a pad switch is. The 44 seems like a … pro version of the 22… It’s neat, i’d like one. What baffles me about the UR line is the 22, all the other interfaces have built-in dsp, cc, … But not the 22. If anything, i’d expect the more mobile of the 4, the UR22 to be the first to be compatible with the iPad.

Oh well, i’d only rarely connect mine to the iPad, so not a massive loss for me personally :slight_smile:

It’s just a way on ‘knocking down’/attenuating incoming level at the input gain stage.

HarrySound posted:

My guitar has very hot pickups.

A pad switch can be very useful in this situation.
(also with some synths)