UR44 vs. UR824

Im needing to know if there is a sound quality diff between these two?

I no longer need 8 mic pres and could go with the UR44 if its the SAME quality for the AD/DA


I’m 90% sure the components are the same and boy do I love my UR44.

There’s also the UR242 if you don’t need all the I/O but still want the DSP.

I’m not aware of any major differences between the channels other than number, however Steinberg do list different input dynamic ranges for the two models (44 = 101db, 824 = 105db) the 824 also has wordclock i/o which could theoretically enable you to upgrade to a better clock signal - although I’m not aware of any reports of jitter with the UR44. The 44 also has MIDI which you could find very useful.

Sound-wise I was more than happy with my old UR44 - The pre’s were excellent and I found the onboard DSP for cue mix reverb very useful.