UR44 Where is a list of the engineers presets? SOLVED

I’ve been looking everywhere, manual, website, fora, but I can’t find a list with an explanation about the different engineers presets in the channelstrip. There seem to be clusters (AK,OK,MR,IO etc.) and even those mean nothing to me.

Now obviously you can just try them but it would be utterly strange if there is no documentation about it.

Does anyone know where to find this?

There is no list of presets, but there is a detailed description of all the functions and features of the channel strip in the MR816csx manual. You can download this from the Steinberg support site under Downloads/Hardware.

Thanks for taking the time to reply but the functions and feature as described in the MR816csx manual are adequately enough described in the UR44 manual also.

I am new to mixing and DAWs so I’d really like to know. If only about the categories like AK, OK MR etc. Why would Steinberg add this anf then neglect to explain these settings? I need to learn about EQ and sucj and build a theoretical frame of reference. It seems like a serious flaw in the manual. They will provide “helpful” answers like checking if your unit is powered on when the the power light isn’t on but something more obscure to newbies is assumed to be commen knowledge.

I realize I’m being cynical here but manuals (and the lack of clarity) in general always pisses me off.

UPDATE: Just got word from Steinberg the AK,OR etc. are initials of the respective engineers. Other than that the presets are just different flavors so to speak. Sounds logical to me now but still for newbies (like me) I feel a little more info would’ve been appreciated as not to confuse IO with In/Out or MR with Mastering for eg.