UR44 Yamaha Driver Fails to Open

I have had this a few times now and it is getting annoying.

I was in Cubase 7.5 (most recent update Sept. 2014) I was able to hear sounds etc…

I closed Cubase 7.5 for a while to go onto the net.

When I came back to Cubase it said it could not find UR44 then Yamaha Drive Failed to Open.

This was about half an hour between last session.

I logged off and logged back on still no luck.

As previous I had to restart the PC to get Cubase 7.5 working with UR44 again.

Compared to my super cheap card the UR44 crashes with Cubase quite often.

The stupid thing is that if I then open an MP3 or Muscore I can hear sounds perfectly.

It seems you sneeze and Cubase 7.5 has a tizzy with the UR44.

Anyone experiencing the same issue? If so how do you get around it. :question:

Message to the design team at Cubase. If you ever think about a redesign but the off button at the front of the machine not the back. I have mine set up in a desk shelf under my deskt due to the amount of space the UR44 takes up. I have very big hands and find it difficult to reach the back.

No trolls please. :smiling_imp:

Ok I have an easy wat to stop rebooting to get the UR44 working again. Just switch off the unit and turn back on. The driver is very flakey though.

UR drivers are completely solid here…Are you connecting to a USB3 socket by any chance?

Cubase uses the ASIO driver for playback, while Windows needs the WDM.
Is the interface connected to a Hub or directly to the Computer? Did you check that the latest drivers are installed?

Hello yes latest driver as at posting unless a newer version has appeared since. Thanks.