Hi I’m considering buying UR44 and have some questions.

1 Can you turn down or mute the main speaker output when you use the headphone?

2 Now I’m using Edirol UA 101. Will the UR44 be better or worse sound quality?

hope somebody can help?

I can answer question 1 for you.
Yes, you can turn down the main output on the front panel of the UR44 and the Phones 1 and Phones 2 outputs on the UR44 still provide output.
The main output can also be muted from the dspMix software (I’m running on windows 7 64 bit) but this also mutes the headphone output. However, you have access to 2 separate mixes via the software, Mix 1 and Mix 2, so it is possible to mute the main outputs of Mix 1 and still have a headphone mix available through Mix 2 (as long as the headphones are connected to Phones 2 output).

Hope that is helpful. I have only had the UR44 up and running for a few hours so I am still learning how it functions and how the mixes are available via a DAW (Cubase).

Stevo :smiley:

are there 6 individual outputs on rear panel ? 1-2 3-4 L-R ?

Surely if you can find your way here to ask that question, you could easily find your way to the Steinberg shop and find the answer yourself.:wink:

Didn’t Ask it right, I’ll try again :unamused:
obviously it has 6 phisical output jacks,but it also says on specs 6*4 in/out ,so it confuses me.
It’s actually can send 6 mono or 3 stereo separate signals/cue or L-R outs are mirrored to other 1to4 output.?

There are 2 “Mix” output option that can be set up using the supplied dspMix software.
Mix 1 feeds the Main outs and also Outputs 1&2.
Mix 2 feeds Outputs 3&4.
There are also the option to tap the Phones 2 output from either Mix 1 or Mix 2.
The Main outputs are specified for connecting to monitor speakers whereas Outputs 1-4 are to connect to external devices at line level.
Does that clear that up?


Stevo… :smiley:

Yes :wink: