UR44C and Midi (Sibelius)

Hi all,

I have a Korg Triton Extreme linked to my UR44-C via both line and midi. I have a line out from the UR44C to my studio speakers and also a line out from the PC to the same speakers.

When I try to record from midi in Sibelius I can either

a) use the generic midi setup which gives almost a second latency between a keyboard press and the sound coming out of my speakers, but I can hear the metronome. I also hear the line sound from the keyboard and the midi tone from Sibelius, although I can resolve this by unplugging the line out from the UR44C.

b) set Sibelius to use the UR44C midi driver which lets me hear the line sounds from my korg, but I cannot hear the metronome in sibelius, thus I can’t tell what the latency is like.

How can I set up to use the UR44C midi and hear the metronome? Should I take a line out from the PC into the UR44C?