UR44C and Moog Grandmother

Hello, I am new to Cubase as a DAW.
Following Setup I currently have a DFAM and a Grandmother connected via Audio Cables to my UR44C. I have also setup a MIDI connection from Grandmother to UR44C from Midi Out to UR44Cs MIDI In. the UR44C is connected to my computer via USB.

I can record audio data with no problem.
Also in the track controls, the MIDI activity shows, but now matter what I do, Cubase will not record MIDI information to midi tracks when I try to use Grandmother as a MIDI Controller

2 years passed. Did you finally get it to work? I want to do pretty similar, the difference is that the Midi I connect direct from the Moog to a USB-C through USB-Midi port… which I believe should be the same. . . .

EDIT: I did it. It is VERY easy…
1- Create a Midi Track. with its output directed to the Moog (check the channel)
2- Create an Audio Track. It´s input should be the Port (channel) from the Audio Interface that contains the Moog.