UR44C Can''t get stereo in Reaper

When ‘Monitor Input’ is on, I get Stereo. (but combfilter sound of course)
When ‘Monitor Input’ is on off, I get Mono. (no combfilter sound of course)
And sometimes it’s just random, I believe.

In the preferences in Reaper ASIO has single-channels 1,2,3,4 as active range. That is, I want to record two stereo-instruments.
But I can’t get any to produce stereo while recording. Maybe the recording is stereo, but on the Speakers, no. But when I plug the Instrument (Model:Cycles) into the speakers directly, it surely is stereo all the time.

Has anyone used Reaper+UR44C to record a Stereo track? I don’t know what’s wrong and Mono/Stereo switches in an inconsistent manner.

That one I can’t get solved.

It doesn’t make sense. I can try as many things with record mode in Reaper, the only thing that is Stereo is the Input Signal, which is of course too early.

So, recording in Reaper was impossible, no matter what I tried. Have put the UR 44 C back in the package for returning. I really wonder what I was doing wrong. It was not controllable.

Stereo recording in Reaper from the inputs on my UR22c works fine on W10. I’m monitoring from the headphone out so maybe check connections to the speakers.

On Reaper track:
Recording input - audio or midi
Input stereo UR22c input 1& 2
Record monitoring ON

The UR44c has no mix dial or mono button on the front so maybe that’s controlled in a software control panel.
Worth checking those settings if available.