UR44C connections on mac

Has anyone used this with Mac running Mojave?
I have a early 2015 MacBook Pro I’d like to use with this unit and want to figure out the best way to connect it.
Can I use a regular usb 3 cable to connect my 2015 macbook (which only has the older usb 3 port) to the UR44C’s usb 3.1 generation 1 port? Is the data transfer rate the same? Or should I get a usb 3 to thunderbolt 2 adapter (the 2015 macbook pro has TB 2), and then a thunderbolt 2 cable to get the highest date transfer rate?
I looked at all the available literature I could find on this machine and can’t find the actual transfer rate anywhere, just that they call it ‘Super Speed’. How speedy is ‘super speed’ ?