UR44c Cyclical Buzzing Sound

Hey everyone,

My Steinberg UR44c is emitting a cyclical buzzing/click noise. It’s most apparent through the 2nd headphone jack, but present in all output lines, regardless of whether it’s plugged into monitor speakers or headphones. It occurs when it’s not plugged into a computer, as well. Here is a clip of the sound:

UR44c Buzzing Sound (WAV)

I don’t use phantom power, and have only ever plugged in analog synths to the unit. The noise is apparent whether or not any instruments are connected to it, and starts happening even if nothing is connected from the start.

I’ve tried moving it to different outlets to see if there was a ground problem, and trying USB power only, but that has not helped. I’ve removed it from the studio completely and the noise persists with nothing else electronic around it. I’m using the PA-150B power supply and USB-C cable provided with the unit. The noise persists with a different USB-C cable. I even bought new headphones (ATH-M50x) to see if the issue would resolve through those jacks, but unfortunately it still persists.

Has anyone else heard this sound before on these units, or on an audio interface in general? Is there anything else we can try, or is there something possibly wrong with the unit?

Ive owned a UR22C, UR44C and ur816c. None have had this issue and it sounds like there is something wrong with it. You’ve ruled out the computer since it does the buzzing sound when in use without the computer, so I guess that leaves only the UR22C now. If you’re still in warranty, I’d get in contact with official Steinberg support and get the ball rolling on a warranty replacement.