UR44C discontinued? Lack of Steinberg support for their products

Long time user of Cubase currently on 9.5 here, looking for a new interface and thought the UR44C would fit my needs perfectly. Unfortunately it is out of stock everywhere and Steinberg sales direct no longer offers it. Is this item being discontinued?
I would email a sales person to ask or request support but… that isn’t available? All of the support options on Steinberg net seem to discourage any interaction with support staff and it is frankly disheartening that it appears to be unfriendly toward their customer base which discourages me from wanting to buy future Steinberg products.

Hi Ravenglass, thank you for your interest and sorry for the inconvenience!
The UR44C is not discontinued, but we Steinberg/Yamaha still suffer from the worldwide semicoductor shortage and logistical issues that built up over the last few months during the pandemic. Other industries feel this impact as well (consumer electronics, cars, etc.) and it will take some time for the situation to improve significantly.

The support contacts are listed on our website in the support part. As you are from the US, this is the page containing the US support resources: Steinberg USA support contact – Steinberg Support