UR44C Driver Collapses after Cubase 11 starts on MacOS BigSur 11.00

After Installing the Yamaha Audio Driver to UR44C (preliminary allowing it in MacOS via Privacy Setting as described in the corresponding Steinberg Download guide), upon the start of Cubase Elements 11 the driver Steinberg UR44C disappears from the Audio Devices on Mac. Is there any plan to issue a patch to resolve the issue for BigSur MacOS?

Thank you.


Steinberg hardware is not macOS 11 compatible yet.

To keep me working I needed to rollback onto MacOS 10.15 using Time Machine backup. It took half a day to rollback but I’m working again. Now waiting for YamStein to release updated driver, but given the login screen on BigSur, I’m going to wait until the driver and horrendous logon screen is changed.