UR44C Driver Disappears From DAW Over 48k

I’m trying to use a UR44C with Cakewalk by BandLab, and it’s having an issue: Every time I attempt to arm a track to record using the UR44C, the driver disappears. I get a “device has been disconnected” popup, and have to shut down the DAW or switch to another driver type, then back to ASIO. The interface reappears again, but it still won’t arm a track to record without disappearing.
However, this only happens at sample rates above 48k. I’m trying to work at 96k.

I’m using:

  • Windows 10 1903
  • HP Laptop with an AMD A12-9720P processor
  • The latest update of Cakewalk
  • a UR44C with 1.01 firmware and 2.04 drivers
  • I’ve disabled all USB power management on the busses.

Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

Update: It does work with other computers. Works fine on my studio tower. Also works fine with my Windows Surface. So it’s something to do with the laptop dropping out at 96k. Maybe that narrows it down. Any help?