UR44C for MIDI input on M1 iPad

Hello All!

I’ve had my UR44C in a desktop PC configuration for a few months now and I love it. However, I have just acquired an iPad and would love to use the interface with it, on the fly. The problem I have is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to route the MIDI information from the UR44C into the iPad. It sees the interface itself just fine and outputs like gangbusters. If I run MIDI cable directly from my Akai MPK 249 to the UR44C, it doesn’t seem to be recognized as an input to any type of virtual instrument on the iPad.

The bottom line is that I am hoping to try to use the UR44C with the iPad as a performance or jamming tool but I possibly don’t understand the limitations of the tablet or the hardware. Even just as a MIDI controller into Cubasis but again, I don’t quite understand. Any help would be appreciated!

There is no significant limitations using an iPad besides this note on page 5 of your 44c manual:

  • Select[SteinbergUR44C-port1]fortheMIDIportwhenusinga MIDI jack with an iOS app. Please note that [Steinberg UR44C- port2] is not available.
  • Do not activate dspMixFx when using a MIDI device. This may interfere with stable data transmission/reception.

With the right apps, sky is pretty much the limit…
I’d appreciate if you could share more about your findings using the M1 iPad.

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The manual? [gulp] Oh thaaat manual…

Thanks so much for your prompt reply and for saving me! I’m happy to report a few key things. First, as long as the Akai controller is set to [Preset 24: MIDI Out] it works. I’d have to poke deeper under the hood to discern any difference between other presets. Second, I’m super glad I bought MIDI cables in the 80’s to use on tour back then. They last forever and I just used both (in/out) to be sure. Cubasis LE unlocks on the spot, naturally. I can play instruments in Cubasis like any other DAW now so aside from wrapping my head around a new DAW, it looks like I can use Steinberg software and hardware all the way!

Thanks again! This is a great forum!

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Nostalgia moment… still have the cables that hooked my Juno106 and KorgM1 in '88, but don’t have the synths anymore… (I enjoy the KorgM1 app on iPad though!)

If you want MIDI without the cables (and without your UR-C interface on tour) check out midimittr. Link: ‎midimittr on the App Store
Have fun…

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A Yamaha Bluetooth MIDI Adapter (MD-BT01) has become my absolute best friend. Everything else is about tying apps together through AUM and AudioBus. Cubasis Slides right into the production flow. The latency on the adapter is so low as to make it look like magic and the iPad loves it.

Now that I’m starting to task the iPad, it’s easier to understand the tasks I want the iPad to do. Thanks again for your support!

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Thanks a lot for the update - very interesting!
Have fun.