UR44C - I can't see inputs 3 / 4 and 5 / 6 in Cubase 11

For some reason even when I create a new bus I am only offered inputs 1 and 2. This used to work and it’s driving me mad. Hopefully someone can tell me where I am being stupid. Thanks.

PS They show fine in the UR44C DSP Mix app and I can connect devices to them and hear them out of the outputs fine. I’m using Windows 11.

Can you post a screen shot of your Studio Settings>Audio system dialog box, ideally with the menu drop down open, Like this:


Post also a screenshot from Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs, where the Device Ports drop-down menu is open, please.

Hi Steve/Martin
The Audio System drop down immediately showed the problem. It was set to Generic Asio rather than Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO. Not sure how it got like that but I will remember to look there again! It’s about the only place I didn’t look. I was clicking a level down on the driver itself.
Many thanks guys!.