UR44C IOS Connection Problem


I just bought UR44C for IOS connectivity and live stream. I set it up to y computer and It works perfect. When I try to connect it to my Iphone SE ( IOS 15.1) with the USC-C to lightning cable ( the charge cable comes from original product box) , My phone does not recognize the UR44C. USB led blinking and no action on phone.( power is plugged and output led lits well) I checked the Startup Guide and ıt is written there that it is possible to use charge cable for IOS connectivity. Please I need your help! Thank you

Does the interface have a switch to move it to cc mode? That’s what it needs to be in to work with an iOS device

So you connected the power supply to the UR44C. Did you slide the power selector to the right to use it?

It does not have the CC mode as UR 44 But I tried both witch for USB bus powered and 12 volt Bus powered. Still t does not recognize

Thank you, Yes I moved the switch to right but still same issue, My phone does not recognize the UR44C

Try power-cycling the phone with the UR44C plugged in.

I have tried but still same…

Do you have another cable to try, even if you have to borrow someone else’s for a bit just to troubleshoot?

I have 2 cables but sill same issue, Is there any information that IOS only works with USB camera Adapter?

An iPhone with lightning connector definitely needs the CCK, because the “charge cable” is just good for that, “charging”.

Only iPhones (or iPads) with a native USB-C connector on the device itself can use a direct cables.

You need this

Read again, this is true only for devices having a USB-C port, not so for the lighting.

Thank you It solved my problem by using USB camera adapter

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