UR44C: Is 7 o'clock -Inf dB or "-0 dB"?

UR22C Gain knob: 7 o’clock = -Inf dB
UR44C Gain knob: 7 o’clock = -0 dB (or something like 0, but loud enough so that I need to adjust some other things)

It lets sound through, a lot.
The +48 buttons are bith turned off.

Is my UR44C okay? I didn’t know it’s a concept in mixers or so, maybe.

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It’s a gain knob, without a zero value. It’s not a volume knob, and so it’s not a “mixer”. That sais, on a mixer the gainknob has the same function.
I mean there will always be a noticeable sound being heard according to the level of the inputsource.

The 22 C was really quiet at 7 o’clock I’m sure, but… ok.
You’re right… the electron model:cycles was super loud, it just went through like nothing. I’m not sure now, but It’s not important. Biggest issue is “mono too often”.

Weird, because my inputs sound stereo if I connect a stereo instrument to input 1 and 2 f.e. In the DSPFX mixer settings of those two channles are set tot stereo. Listening on phones 1 it sounds stereo.
Recording/Listening in Cubase on a stereotrack is also stereosound, very simple.

Thanks for your efforts and help.

Mine sound stereo for some time, too. But when I open Reaper and disable ‘Monitor Input’, it’s no more stereo, it will be only a mono signal that goes to the main output of the UR 44 C. So in effect I had to choose between mono or doubled/comb signal.

I didn’t understand what the UR44C with Reaper does. I have set 1,2,3,4 as available mono pins in the ASIO config in Reaper. Then I told the track in Reaper to record stereo, also, to record pin (mono channel) 1 & 2, also playing around with all the modes. And the only thing that sounded stereo was the ‘Monitor Input’, but that was only available as mix with output.

Maybe it’s not worth it to record both instruments at the same time, the electron:cycles always plays almost the same stuff anyway. I’ll be just easier off with separate takes.

I would choose in the input-settings in the devices panel in your DAW 2 stereo-pairs of recording channels. Make sure the pans of either pair are L/R.
In Cubase no problem. But I don’t know Reaper.
As you are monitoring through the DSPFX mixer(maybe…) of the UR that inputs also can be set to 2 pairs of linked-stereoinputs (input 1 till 4) and listen to those on the phones output.

I believe there is just a bug in Reaper, it was like it’s working, suddenly it’s not working, no idea what happened. Since I’m just recording synths, I’ve decided that while the model:cycles plays, I can just record MIDI and render that later, so all it takes is rendering the MIDI again, and it’s virtually the same like recording two channels, and I could even edit some MIDI events if I wanted.
Other people would be sadder than me if they couldn’t get it to work, but maybe they can.