Ur44c - issue

Yesterday I bought Cubase 12 Update and installed it.
There was a trouble with launching Cubase 12 (still can’t find any solution) and after I tried to launch old project via Cubase 11 and got this :

I reinstall soundcard drivers and nothing.
Today I did format , Windows clean version and still same trouble with sound.
Need to understand what’s wrong.
Could you someone explain me how to solve this issue.

Any ideas ?

Can’t you write out what the problem is?

02.03.2022 there was no any issues with my sound card before update but after cubase 12 update i faced with this Cubase 12 hangs on "initialising video player" - #16 by jetrel
I tried everything but no result.so I decided to stay on cubase 11 but when I opened my projects I faced with glitch with soundcard (also all my Ableton Live 11.1 projects have same glitch thing)
NB! I use only virtual instruments never using .wav. (No bounced,no rendering stuff)

I was looking for solution and faced (collide) with one more thing before this situation i was able to open DAW,browser,discord and other sound sources simultaneously but now I can’t.
So I don’t get what problem is that : Windows 10 update or sound drive or other thing.
Glitch you can check on my video (youtube) above.

. . . . .

:smiley: nice souliton

Steinberg Support

I got an answer from the tech team.

The issue is totally unknown and they suggest to use your warranty and exchange the unit. Most likely this is a hardware defect.

We’ll see.Item returned to www.thomann.de. waiting answer from them.
My guess Cubase 12 ruined everything including my soundcard. :smiley:
Keep on Steinberg