UR44c Monitoring in Cubase has REV-X Constantly

I’ve just got my UR44c. On opening Cubase (Pro 11), I want to set a track for monitoring only (as I don’t think it’s possible natively). I’ve got my guitar in on Input 3 and routed out to my reamp box on 2L, and set up correctly in Cubase. However, REV-X is on constantly and I can’t get rid of it, meaning there’s a ton of reverb before the amp. The send in both Cubase and dspmixfx is 0. I’ve tried bringing down the REV-X channel in dspmixfx also. Starting to pull my hair out because my monitored guitar sounds like mush. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Ok, so Mix 2 seems to be controlling the entire mix to the amp, and not the track output set in Cubase.

It’s something I can work around later. For now I feel I need to reframe my question in a new post.