UR44c monitoring problem: input/daw mix?

UR44C with Cubase Pro 10.

I try to monitor only through Cubase and have not found a way to disable hearing my dry input in my headphones and monitors!

Yes, I have unchecked Direct Monitoring in Cubase, and Loopback in DSPMix.

In some UR models there seems to be input/daw mix knob. Handy. But how do you adjust that with UR44c, which does not have it?

Search here for ur44c monitor disable

Soloing the DAW return channel did it, thanks Steve!

-Muting the input channel in DSPMix seems to do it it too, I thought it mutes the input to Cubase , but that is not the case: it mutes only direct monitoring that input. Weird…but good to know.

I still thing that simple input/daw return mix knob woud be simpler, either in hardware or in DSPMix.

Lastly, repeating my ceterum censeo: please add a simple EQ to DSPMix main monitoring channel.

Yes, you are having the same reaction I had when I learned this!

As to your request, non semper id quod voles. :wink: or make a feature request on the forum. I don’t think there’s much chance they will do that though, since there’s already an EQ in the Yamaha Channel Strip.

I did make the EQ feature request in the old forum.

Yes there is channel strip. But you cannot put it in the main out when you are using UR as a regular soundcard without DAW. Monitoring speech etc.

The problem here is that there is no windows routing oin the URC’s. I mean the sound coming ou tof windows goes always into the DAW signal.
I have another 8 input-Firewire interface of Yamaha with a FW driver offcourse, and in that driver you can choose the inpout in the windows sound, so I route that not the main but into 2 channels, and I can use its EQ on those. So the URC driver is limited on this matter. I have the UR816C and only the DAW channel is noticed in Windows-sound.

So I understand that its is driver feature/inadequacy and not a hardware problem. Therefore Steinberg could in principle add a plugin option to the main out bus. I think it would make UR a bit better as a generic soundcard.

I don’t know exactly how that works, but I know that on my FW interface there is a WDM Audio routing option, in the URC there’s not, you only can use the “DAW” output.


Yes this seems to be clear now.

Btw, cool that you started Cubase with Atari! Me too, with Steinberg Pro24 sequencer. :slight_smile:

And a 4-track cassette recorder synced to the Atari so only 3 tracks left for analog recordings along with midi soundmodules. Did some joyfull recordings back in that day.

Memory lane. I had Fostex 8-track tape recorder synced to Atari ST /Pro 24 midi tracks. Fun fun fun.

New gear = new problems.

Computers got faster and bigger, but better?

Note: If you are running a UR44c in Class Compliant mode as I have had to do on my M1 Mac mini (see previous rant in forums), then you cannot solo the DAW channel in the DSP Mixer as it does not work.

This is because the interface is not using the USB Driver for the interface (driver does not work on M1 Macs) and therefore the DSP Mixer application cannot see the interface at all to control, so… You are stuck with having input monitoring enabled on which ever DAW of choice you use, be this Cubase or Logic, they both do the annoying double input, monitor thing.
Only way I can work around it, is by disabling the stereo output to the audio interface within the DAW, but this then gets rid of any effects you maybe using on an external instrument for example, which isn’t ideal when you are trying to appreciate what it may sound like in the mix, so to speak…

perhaps changing to UR22c would help, as it has physical input/daw mix knob?