UR44C No Hardware Tab

Just downgraded from multiple MR816CSX (needed to downsize and upgraded to a machine with windows 10) to a UR44C. Finally got it all running and can record and hear audio. However in the documentation is talks about the “Dedicated Windows for Cubase 10.5.20 Pro” which was similar i believe to the tools and Hardware on the MR series for Input Settings and Hardware setup. I cannot get the UR44C Tab so show in the Inspector below the Audio Tab which it shows a picture of in the documentation even though I have Hardware selected in the setup view and I see the Hardware Rack on the mixer input channels Rack but it will not open to show anything. I am running the latest Firmware (it will not upgrade says it’s running latest version) and I am running latest Drive that is listed here and on the web page downloads. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Have you disabled the Contrlroom in Cubase? those hardware tabs only appear if you don’t use the CR. I prefer the use of the CR, so every setting i have to make in the dspfx softwre,I do that in the dsfmixer, and not on the track itself

I also prefer the CR. I don’t understand why the documentation states there should be tabs and the hardware rack should function when it doesn’t. This hardware and Cubase have been around too long to not be right when shipped.

I also always use the CR and do not mind at all to use the dspfx mixer for all the settings instead of the hardware tab in the track. I don’t see the problem in that.

Hi all,
I’ve just bought the UR44C and I can’t see the hardware tab in the mixer window either? Direct monitoring is enabled, CR is disabled, latest firmware and drivers installed etc, yet I still can’t see it.

Any light you can shed is greatly appreciated.


I’m not using the CR (disabled), have latest firmware / drivers etc setup, direct monitoring enabled and still can’t see the hardware tab. Cubase 9.5 Pro. Am I missing something? Any light you can shed is greatly appreciated

Hi all,
Have a UR44C. Installed the BIOS updates, latest drivers, disabled CR, running Cubase 10.5 pro and still can’t see the hardware tab.

Any suggestions on something I may have missed before I blow everything away and try a fresh windows / software install?


Did you initialize your DSPfx software mixer? Maybe it has the wrong settings.

The DSPfx Mixer works fine but having to go out of Cubase when the documentation states it exist in the program seems like something isn’t right. Steinberg told me to disable Control Room which made no difference and I would hope to still be able to use CR when using this hardware. I have 2 MR816CSX devices and if firmware and adapters would work I’d keep using one of them. The reason for the UR was just to kind of strip down the home studio a bit. I don’t need all the inputs any more but was hoping to get the same functionality from the UR just less inputs and Outputs. I will get by using the DPfx mixer but just expected it to be like the Documentation stated.

I also use CR( don’t want to miss that) + DspFX mixer. But if I disable the CR I can have the Hardware URCrack in the inspector, no problems.
But I rather work with the DspFXmixer however because I use the UR816C almost only for connecting external hardware so watching the input meters on that big mixer has my preference.
I understand though that it is very frustrating if things are not working the way it should. To me it seems that the 22/44 are having way more problems than the UR816C.
But CR+DsFX mixer together is a no go for now, that is allready stated a lot. Hopefully in an update in the near future they fix some things.

You can have the CR enabled. Just assign Mix2 as stereo output in vst connections. I have it set that way. It only shows hardware tab in the inspector if the input and output of the track is routed to any of the physical outputs. (e.g. input 1 -> mix2) As soon as you have the stereo out set to not connected as you normally would with CR enabled it disappears. Same when routing audio track to a group.

I also just purchased a UR44C and have no Hardware rack in Cubase (Elements 9). Direct Monitoring is turned on, Input channels visible. Any help would be appreciated!

I have Cubase 11 with all updates and all is working as it supposed to now.