UR44C Only Establishes in USB 2.0


I have a Brand New UR44C interface that can only establish in USB 2.0 The “Control Panel” has a notification saying it may be the cable or port not supporting USB 3.0 However, the cable is the new one that came with the unit and my HP Z240 has about 4 USB ports. I have tried plugging into every port, I have updated firmware, I have reinstalled, I have tried powered/unpowered. Any help would be appreciated.


Don’t now the specs of that computer but are sure it even has a USB 3.0 port?

Yes my computer has 4 usb 3 ports. they have the blue inside and say “SS” above them. i also check my device manager and confirmed they’re usb 3. I also use other usb 3 hardware that works flawlessly.