UR44C or Alterative?

I at present own a original Focusrite Scarlett 18i6.
I recently purchased a Shure SM7b and a cloudlifter.
I mainly use Cubase Pro 11, would I notice a great difference if I upgraded to a UR44c?
Does 32 bit vs 24 bit make a great deal of difference?
I was also thinking about the Focusrite 18i8 as I’m used to the brand.
Any suggestions or advice welcome

Most likely you will hear no difference at all.

If your current interface works OK for you I wouldn’t consider UR44 C as an upgrade. Definitely not just because of the 32 bit thing.

If you are interested in the other features then sure, go for it. But you already have more inputs and outputs and routing options with your current interface.


Do you think the built in Guitar amps and channel strips would be an eye opener for me, and is the unit louder and cleaner sounding than my present one?

Now you’re getting into other workflow-related reasons to like the 44C.
If you use the built-in guitar amps or other built-in fx, it might be worth the purchase for you.

Also, since you use Cubase, your workflow might see some benefits of the tighter integration of the 44C. (This alone is not reason enough to change to MHO)

But I strongly agree with misohoza’s comment above that 32-bit will not bring you 1 iota of improvement over 24-bit. The 24-bit digital resolution is already much more than enough to capture the entire analog dynamics that the electronic (analog) front-end can deliver. The 32-bit format only gives 8 more bits of (inaudible) electronic noise in the lower bits…

There are numerous reasons to love my 44C! but 32-bit is just not one of them.

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