UR44C - Out Of Stock - Restocked when?

Just wondering when this item will be back in stock. I’d very much like to order one if it’s available soon.

I ordered an item from KRK via sweetwater and the item was supposed to arrive in a couple months. They keep extending the delivery estimate. I ordered it early May. They last changed the delivery to October, but now October’s passed and they have moved it to January of 2022. It may very well be a FULL year before I get it lmfao.

I understand why; lockdowns create both a labor and material shortage… but I don’t want to spend money on something I won’t have until maybe 2 years later. That’s a bad investment of money… so I just want to know if this is one of those items that will be back in stock soon or will it possibly be like a year or so later?

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Unfortunately, we cannot provide any reliable estimation as to when the UR44C will be back in stock on a larger scale. We do receive shipments in low quantities occasionally but at the moment, those are mainly to cover the existing back orders. I am really sorry!

I’m have the same experience with my UR44c order at Musicians Friends. I ordered it in July and the delivery date keeps getting pushed out. I don’t trust the current estimate. The delays are understandable given the disruption caused by the virus. It would be customer friendly for Steinberg to provide prominent description of the situation and status updates on the Steinberg website. Particularly in light of their mission statement to…”ensure that nothing stands in the way of your creative process.” I imagine the UR44C is not their only hardware product affected.

On Musician’s Friend it says in stock and ready to ship but on Steinberg’s website it says Out of Stock. I’m confused.

Musicians Friend says in stock but confirmed with an agent that it is not. I too ordered months ago and nothing happening. I wouldn’t mind waiting a couple more months if I knew it would be landing, but since there is no word on this, I’ll probably be canceling my order and moving to a competitor product with similar specs.