UR44C preapms more noisy than UR44?

I have just installed the UR44C and compared with my old UR44. The UR44C preamps have more floor noise than the old UR44. Comparison made with same setting…should be the same…any ideas? I am thinking of returning it…such a pity because I loved the new DSP 2.0.
Thank you

What gain level are you using on your interface? I have UR22C and it is quiet unless I nearly max out the interface gain.

Yes, It is quiet, but compared with the old UR44 I had the feeling it was a bit more noisy. I usually record around position 6 in the gain button.

Position 6 would be around “1 o’clock”? That certainly shouldn’t bit very noisy yet. As Oneway mentioned, these D-PRE preamps are usually quite ok until you max them out.

I.e. they work well with condenser mics, maybe less so with some dynamic mics like the infamous SM7B.

Right. 1 o’clock. I am using it with a Neumann U87, which is one of the most silent mics.