UR44C problem recording with any iOS video app

Just purchased the UR44C which sounds great and works fine using dspMixFx-fx app but when trying to record video I get no sound. I’ve tried the built in camera app, Kinomatic video and Filmic Pro. They work OK with my Alesis Core One and built in mics. Filmic Pro lists it as a device but when I choose it there is no sound and the app won’t record any video. Any suggestions on how to record video using the UR44C as the video source would be great. I’m using the latest 12.9” iPad Pro running s/w v13.3.1 and the v1.01 firmware on the UR44C. Thanks

Hi Sijomast,

I have been trying to achieve the same thing and I got better results by connection the UR44C only after launching the video App.
With the default video App on iPhone I manage to record mono signal from input one.
But according to this forum we should at least be able to record stereo from input 1 and 2.


What would be better would be to record the mix out, main Left and Right signal but haven’t found a way to do this yet. This would be so good and time saver !

Please keep me posted if you found any useful information about this, I am interested in.

In the meanwhile the idea is to use and external audio app like Cubasis 3 and record the audio while the video App is recording the video and then merge the audio out and the video into iMovie. (sync on a clap at the beginning of your recording for instance)

EDIT: I just found again this video that shows that this is possible to get the main out from the interface while streaming so I assume it would be possible through video app also, but can’t make it work yet, signal is DRY without FX. need help


Hope this helps,


Dear Paul,

I have the exact same issue and I’m using the UR44 + the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter original von Apple.

I also have followed the steps in the same video, but in streaming + recording a video there is no sound.

But I want to thank you very much for this workaround.

I have also raised a ticket in the hope that we can receive help from one of the technical support members.

Kind regards

Have got any news or found a better workaround? Cheers