ur44c suddenly stopped working on IMAC


I am new to this forum currently freaking out on why my UR44C stopped working.

About a month ago, I purchased a new 27inch iMac and I plugged my interface directly to it, and it was working flawlessly. I’ve been recording on pro tools, garageband, and everything was perfect. I didnt download any extra software, just plugged it in the computer and it worked. Great!

Now, today I was looking for different software and remembered the ur44c mixer software that came with the interface (I had it installed on my old PC) and when I downloaded and installed that, it all went bad. First it didnt recognize my interface, then it did and when I opened pro tools and garageband and selected the first two inputs it gave me a horrible hissing feedback sound that was unbearable. I then uninstalled, installed, uninstalled, and installed the softwares and nothing is happening. I uninstalled the drivers, and all the softwares, I went into the MAC cache and deleted audio settings and I am still getting that horrible buzz in inputs 1 and 2. I recently realized that it wasnt giving me feedback with inputs 3 and 4, but I am in a recording process and I am using all inputs. I need those first two inputs.

If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it so much. I am really desperate and panicking because I am in the middle of recording sessions and my favorite interface just failed on me.


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Did you manage to resolve the issue?