Hallo, I bought year ago a UR44C to change my UR22C
I forgot to register, I just plug in…
It works perfectly
Now I wish to register on my account, but I don’t have the code anymore…
How I resolve this?
Thank you…

The serial number should be on the bottom of the device.

yes but not de code

All you need to register your hardware is the serial number.

A “code” (download code or activation code) is required to activate the Cubase AI license.

Did you buy the UR44C new? Then there should have been a card with the activation code for Cubase AI in the packaging. If you bought the interface used, you have to contact the previous owner. He may have already used the code.

yes I bought new
but I threw the box away with the codes…
Yes I Know “Not so smart”
I don’t need Cubase AI, I have the Cubase 11 Pro .
Was just a friend hoo bought also a UR44C told me that it
came with some extra Plugins for the Interface self
And now I saw, it was not register…
So I thought I need the codes for it.

to get the plugins to

Here you can try to get the activation code for the Basic Fx Suite
Error message: Activation Code for Basic FX Suite license has been used already – Steinberg Support

You do not need an activation code for the effects that are permanently programmed into the interface itself! The Basic Fx Suite enmulates the DSP effects of the interface as VST effects so that they can be used independently of the interface in Cubase

thank you.
i will try dat
Thank you