UR816C and dspMixFx setup and routing problems

Hey all,

I hope you’re able to help me out here. I have a few problems with setting up and routing things with my new interface. This might get a bit long winded, but I’m trying to get everything in here.

I used to own a Focusrite 6i6, but have now purchased a UR816C.

With my 6i6 I used to run a cable from one of the two headphones outs into a line in on my onboard audiocard. This was used to record quick videos, show my friends on Discord music while being able to talk on the mic at the same time. Basically all the sound that was coming through my computer. Meanwhile I could disable direct monitoring on the mic, so I wouldn’t hear myself speak. I’m trying to achieve the same thing with the UR816C.

I initially thought this was what the loopback was for, but I simply cannot make it work, and I cannot make the headphones out->Line in on onboard soundcard work either. However when I mute the Mic 1 input (which is the input I use for the mic I speak into), no mic audio comes through the loopback function - only whatever sound is being played, i.e. a YouTube video.

When trying to set it up with the headphones out->line in on onboard audio, it seems I can get the mic audio to come through, but NOT the computer audio at the same time. I enable the headphones output on the dspMixFx in Mix 1. I mute the Mic 1 in Mix 1, but leave it on in Mix 2. However as soon as I enable headphones 2 (which has the headphones out to line-in on the onboard audio card), there’s no longer any mic sound coming through.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set it up to do what I want to do:

Have audio playback while being able to use my mic at the same time without direct monitoring on the mic. I.e. speak over a track playing in the background.

My plan was to stream the recording phase of my album with OBS and be able to speak (without direct monitoring turned on) while having mic’ed up my amp, while also running a DI-box for DI signal of the guitar. Am I unable to do this with this interface?

I have played around with this some more, and I still struggle to make it do what I want it to do in and of itself.

I would like to be able to transmit all audio from my computer, while also being able to speak to my friends (while they hear my audio, but without me monitoring my mic) on Discord or while streaming on Twitch. It seems Discord only registers my mic if it’s in Mic/Hi-z 1 or 2. If I plug my mic into input 5, for instance, I “see” the meter register sound in dspMixFx, but it doesn’t come through to Discord or OBS. Same goes for any other mic or instrument plugged into anything other then input 1 and 2. Every input, instrument and so forth works fine in Reaper (my DAW of choice).

HOWEVER, I seem to have found a solution through using VoiceMeeter Banana. This allows me to send my signals where I want them to go and after some fiddling around with it, I got it set up to do the things I have mentioned here in this thread.